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Lions Gate came into existance as the result of contacts between Michel le Voyager and Susan the Opaque and some SCA people to the south. Our first organizational meeting was held in December, 1973 AS VIII at the home of Tara nic an Fhleisdeir during the monthly meeting of the BCSFA. I believe there was a demo at the Maritime Museum, but I missed it. There was a revel at Beaver Lodge, the home of Michel le Voyager and Susan the Opaque on May 21, 1974 AS IX. (Michel and Susan were Baron-designate and Baroness-designate for the shire, although I don't think Susan ever officially accepted the position.) A list of interested persons from that event lists 17 people. By the way we were known as Lions Gate in Russian at first. We couldn't agree on the russian translation and finally just went with Lions Gate. Then we started fighting about how to spell Lions Gate . . .

There was a revel on Aug 10 1974 AS IX. I don't remember any details about this.

Gerhard and his family attended their first event on Jan. 18, 1975 AS IX, the first Monboggian Midwinter New Moon Festival. Michel le Voyager announced his resignation as Baron-designate in the May 17, 1975 AS X issue of the North Wind. He did not actually leave Lions Gate and has been active on and off ever since. Gerhard and Amanda became Baron-designate and Baroness-designate shortly thereafter. (I don't know how that happened; it seemed like a sudden fait accompli.)

At the first Lammastide event on September 6-7, 1975, Prince Edward Zifran issued interim warrants (real ones were virtually unknown in An Tir for many years to come) to Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland as Baron-designate, Seaghda of Green Mountain (now known as Daoud Barbarossa ed Din) as Seneschal, Tara nic an Fhleisdeir as Mistress of Arts, Gerek the Far-seeing as Master of Sciences, and Bjorn of Ha Vok as Knight Marshal (Master of Stables). I don't know what was done about the herald and chronicler positions at that time. (Chroniclers may not have been an official office at that time, if I recall.)

The name of the Baron designate's Banquet was changed to the Baron's Banquet when Gerhard was made a Court Baron on October 18, 1975 AS X by Douglas and Lorna. Amanda was made a Court Baroness on March 26, 1976 AS X by William and Donna. While the change in status of Lions Gate may have been announced May 1-2, 1976 AS XI, the Charter in existance was signed by Paul and Carol on June 8, 1976 AS XI.

It reads:

We, Paul and Carol, King and Queen of the West, send to all Our subjects joyous greetings!

With the advice of Our ministers, and the concurrence of the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, We have determined to Charter the Barony of Lions Gate in the northern part of Our Kingdom. The said Barony to include the lands in and around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. And We do recognize as Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland and Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland and as such they shall stand in Our stead in all matters ceremonial and carry out such other duties as We may from time to time charge them with.

And the governance of the Barony of Lions Gate We give into the hands of the Seneschal, Seaghdha of Green Mountain, and his successors and he shall coordinate the activities of the several officers of the Barony and the Cantons of the Barony and shall be responsible to Our Lord Seneschal for the continuance and coordination of activities in the Barony of Lions Gate, after the manner and Laws of Our Kingdom.

Given by Our hand this 8th day of June in the year XI Anno Societatis.

Paul, Rex Occidentalis

Carol, Regina Occidentalis

At Lambi's Leave-taking the lists were as follows (my first attempt to run lists I think):
First round
Akuma no Gaijin defeating Bolverk of Momchilovitch
John of Candia defeating Alan of Edgewood
Niall of Avalon defeating Harold of Warrington
Peter de Morte defeating Morgan of Aberystwyth
Second round
Bjorn of HaVok defeating Akuma no Gaijin
John of Candia defeating Niall of Avalon
Peter de Morte defeating Ulfhamr
Third round
Peter de Morte defeating John of Candia
Peter de Morte defeating Bjorn of HaVok

To be continued . . .

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