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Deborah Pulliam posted to the Historic Costume list the following bibliography and comments (amended only as for conversion to HTML) (used by permission © 1997 Deborah Pulliam):

Because of some of the confusion over her writing, Janet Arnold asked me to post her bibliography here for those of you interested in finding some of the articles, etc. published in the past. Because it is so long, I'm posting it in two parts. This message includes books, published conference papers and contributions to exhbition catalogs. The following message will include articles in periodicals. (ed. both included here)

And in answer to some of the questions about her background and sewing skills, she holds a certificate in arts and crafts, a national diploma of design in dress, a certificate of education, and art teacher's diploma. She worked for about ten years cutting period costumes and working in the wardrobes of several theater companies in England. She also has industrial and couture experience in cutting and sewing. She is not a conservator, nor is she a curator.

List of Publications: Janet Arnold FSA


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A study of the clothes worn by Queen Elizabeth I, basd on portraits, warrants for the Wardrobe of Ribes, and other material. Inluces full transcription of the inventories of the Wardrobe of Robes prepared in 1600, preserved in the British Library, Public Records Office, London, and the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington Dc.


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