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For many years the people of An Tir resented their treatment by the administration of the Kingdom of the West. Reports from An Tir's officers went off into a vacuum, no correspondence returning. No more than a handful of warrants were seen until just before we became a kingdom in our own right. Awards were few and mostly restricted to those that might be given by the Coronet. The people felt neglected and abused. Finally there grew up a movement to end our enslavement. (Strong language I know, but you should realise that I was counted among the loyalist faction. If I feel like this, imagine what the other side felt.)

Viscount Edward Zifran, a leading rebel, won the Coronet. A cunning plan was hatched. Edward would declare An Tir a Kingdom, taking us out of the SCA if necessary. (Although I heard this last, I never heard it from Edward. I don't know what his opinion was.) The Event was set to occur at the next Coronation, with Edward's successor crowned King. People were quietly informed.

Somehow the news was slipped to the Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate, Gerhard and Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland. They quickly consulted the Baron and Baroness of Madrone, Viscount Theodulf of Borogrove and Viscountess Anne of Caerdydd. Many missives went back and forth and to the Mists. (Actually a conference call occurred but that doesn't sound very medieval.) It was decided to oppose this action. Paul and Carol of Bellatrix, King and Queen of the West declared An Tir in rebellion and appointed Gerhard and Theodulf Viceroys, ruling by direct authority of the crown. They declared that should An Tir secede there would remain a Madrone and Lions Gate in the SCA and the Kingdom of the West. Many of the shires flocked to their banner.

Confrontation The stage for complete schism and disaster was set. I do not know exactly what happened behind the scenes, but the day of the Coronation arrived (January 14, AS XII (1978)). The Viceroys arrived and reiterated their positions. (Sorry about the picture, it was in very bad condition and it was necessary to remove the colour to make any details visible whatsoever.) The final court of Edward was held. The Coronation was begun. The Crown of the King of An Tir was handed to Manfred. Then Manfred handed it to an attendant with the words "we accept this crown to hold for the future Crown of An Tir." (Or something to that effect.)

I don't know if Manfred was not a rebel, or if he just decided that there was too much opposition. I don't even know if anyone had been warned what he was going to do. (But I believe that the rebels, at least, had been warned from the general reaction.)

I would like to write: "thus ended the An Tir Rebellion", but it dragged on for some time. The movement centered around the Barque in Madrone, the Household of Liam of the Barque and Deirdre Muldomhnaigh, former Baron and Baroness. Deirdre was Crier Editor at the time and a great dissident. Many flocked to the grey rebel banner in Three Mountains, Madrone and Adiantum. The rebel alliance included many of high prominence in the land (Chimene included). The Crier published a caricature in the March AS XII (1978) issue depicting Darth Vader wearing a baldric bearing the stars of Bellatrix and declaring "you are a member of a rebel alliance and a traitor ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !".

The Rebellion slowly died, or I should say it was slowly changed. It should be noted that for the most part the opposition forces did not disagree with the purpose of the Rebellion, merely its methods. We commenced to prepare An Tir to achieve Kingdom status in a more conventional manner. The Arts and Sciences soared, our knights excelled, and our administration solidified. Three years after Rebellion Twelfth Night, Gerhard Kendal and numerous others presented a petition for Kingdom status to the King of the West (Frederick of Holland, at Twelfth Night in Lions Gate).

After the finest combat I have ever seen, Manfred, with his Lady Morag, was crowned King of An Tir on January 16, AS XVI (1982). How appropriate that the man who refused the crown should be the first to accept it.

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