Ravensgard BadgeCostume Bibliography

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PRIMARY SOURCE. Zillions of small, black-and-white photographs of period costumes from manuscripts, paintins, etc. EVERY ILLUSTRATION DOCUMENTED AS TO DATE, NATIONALITY AND SOURCE. That's all this title is, as a matterof fact, commentary is limited to descriptive notes about the photographs (identifying costume elements, original colors, identifying the person or scene pictured). No re-drawings, no (author's) original drawings. I think the older two=volume set pictures are slightly larger, am not sure. Photographs are not the best in the world but are consistent quality and are often as good as are available anywhere.

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investigation of the 1475 burials of six women and two children

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Very large (14.5 inches tall) edition of at least some of the Minnesanger plates. All text in German. Spectacular size for studying costume detail, stealing things for calligraphy. Heraldry/heraldic display in almost every plate. Full color and gold.

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Recommended for Japanese personae. I believe Morimoto-sensei (An Tir's most visible Japanese authority, former Monsho Herald, OP) thinks this is the best book available in English. Detailed history of development of all aspects of Japanese costume; a couple of nice illustration sections (including color). Author lived in Japan and studied with Japanese scholars while doing here research and possibly the writing too.

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Very good scholarly research type. Traces development of major garment types (tunic, mantle, corset/bodice, apron, etc.) thru illustrations; period to 19th century.

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The primary work on Anglo-saxon dress.

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Another older text type. Have been told its not as bad as some people say. Looks moderate. Nice illustrations, photos, line drawings look pretty accurate. Have not read.

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PRIMARY SOURCE. Prime example of responsible, scholarly research. Garments dealt with are 18-19-20th century, but Middle Eastern is a very traditional culture; principals of rectangular construction are timeless. Includes some very basic information on mens' costume but is mainly women's. Info on undergarments, headdress, jewelry, embroidery stitches.

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