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Chimene des CinqTours (known mundanely as Patricia Dunham, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism) is the lady of Gerek the Far-seeing (known mundanely as Gary Walker), and with their son and various divers others, form the household called Ravensgard.

Chimene's Arms

Chimene des CinqTours first encountered the Society in May 1975 (AS X) at a demo at Oregon State University. She attended Egils 2 (Vida, the Drowning) and promptly moved to Atenveldt for a year. On her return she became active in the Barony of Adiantum, which, at the time, was in a very low population phase. Chimene has autocratted many events, including Egils, Midwinter Feasts (as well as cooking), and Crown & Coronet events. Chimene worked on many Egil's prizes in the "good old days" when the work was done communally by the whole population of the Barony. Later she and Gerek also worked on numerous Egil's prizes together, and, of course, the Ithrottir prizes for the first two years of that competition. (Probably the prize she remembers most fondly (and with greatest frustration) was the costume prize for the 15(?)th Egil's, two ten-yard lengths of brocaded silk card-woven trim: blue with silver, red with gold.)


She received her AA from Ulfred and Valkyrie (Nov 11, '78, AS XIII), at the royal birthday party event (nice Igor). Sometime around then, she became Seneschal of Adiantum (served for several years, finishing in Jan 83). She was at this time a member of a retinue for the first time (King and Queen of the West, Stephen and Alianora). She did much costuming and other support for royalty over the years, last serving on the retinue of Manfred and Morag as first King and Queen of An Tir. With the July AS XIX (1979) issue she became Editor of the Elf Hill Times for 5 years. She received her Leaf of Merit from Tamsin and Trelon (Jan 12, '80 AS XIV) at the Twelfth Night she was autocrating. She received her Pelican from Katherine and Strider at the West Crown she autocrated in Couer du Val (Jun 22, '80, AS XV). She received her Jambe from Morag and Manfred at the Egil's preceding the infamous second An Tir Coronation (May 30, '82 AS XVII).

From the beginning, Chimene spent a great deal of time and energy traveling to events for many years and has a large file of photos taken at AnTir and West events for the period summer (1977) through, especially, about (1983).

Gerek and Chimene contributed to the Great Book for the Twentieth Year Celebration (well received we think). Gerek and Chimene were co-editors of the Bi-Cranial Bear for all of three months. Then, beginning with the July AS XXI (1986) issue (a little before July in reality because of the time lag), Chimene became Chronicler of An Tir and she and Gerek became co-editors of the Crier with Gerek being her chief administrative deputy. September, AS XXIII (1988) marked their last issue of the Crier, and Chimene left office as Chronicler within a few months (and Gerek too). That winter they organized the production of Adiantum's painted wall hangings (first seen at Kingdom Twelfth Night in Adiantum that year).

Chimene has taught Basic Costuming and Feast Planning; and with Gerek, Norse Costume & Jewelry, Autocratting, and Food History.

We have been somewhat out of touch for several years... were just coming out of Chronicler "singe" (not as severe as burn-out) and local politics when real life interfered -- sudden moves, pregnancy, etc. We most recently ran the first Teen Ithrottir for Egils XXVI.

Mistress Chimene des CinqTours, OP, OJL, OLM, AA, OBB, OCC

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