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Gerek the Far-seeing(see the story of his personna) (known mundanely as Gary Walker a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism) is the lord of Chimene des CinqTours (known mundanely as Patricia Dunham), and with their son and various diverse others. form the household called Ravensgard.

Gerek's Arms

Gary CarvingGerek the Far-seeing (Gerekr fjársjándi Rögnvaldsson)(see the story of his personna) joined the Society in December, 1973 (AS IX). He was a founding member of the then Shire of Lions Gate. He was involved in combat and became Master of Sciences for the group sometime in 1974. He had been studying such subjects as heraldry, alchemy (medieval chemistry), magic, Latin, Russian, and calligraphy among other things even before joining the Society. He quickly added an interest in woodwork, Viking Age Norse culture, autocrating, combat and all things medieval. Circa 1975 he spent sometime around and about the Barony of Madrone and attended the second session of the University of Madrone and many later sessions of the now University of Ithra as both a student and occasional teacher. Gerek became a herald, chronicler, constable and marshal sometime in this period. Gerek has autocratted many events too numerous to mention in detail. Gerek received his AoA September 11, AS XI (1975) at the Coronet Tourney he was co-autocratting.

Gerek resigned his offices and moved to the Shire of Seagirt in 1978 (AS XIV?). He became at various times, Shire Pursuivant Extraordinary, Shire Master of Stables, a Chirurgeon, Deputy Principality Master of Sciences, Squire to Sir Scellanus of Skye, a kingdom Scribe (producing many scrolls), an editor and finally Principality Master of Sciences. He held the office of An Tir Sciences much longer than he should have, particularly for his own health. Gerek received his OLM May 2, AS XVI (1979). When An Tir went Kingdom he became in succession a Master of the Pelican (at An Tir's first Crown Tourney), the creator of An Tir's first thrones (his first piece of furniture, much flawed, but preferable to the alternatives at the time), and the first Master of Sciences of the Kingdom of An Tir. Gerek received his Jambe at the infamous second An Tir Coronation.

Laurel Wreath The next year he resigned his offices (becoming a Knight Marshal and Pursuivant Extraordinary at large) and moved to Adiantum. Gerek received his Laurel at the Twelfth Night he was co-autocrating the next year. Since moving to Adiantum, Gerek has held office at various times as Master of Stables/Senior KM, a Pursuivant at large (I think that's what I was told), various Exchequer related jobs, and Chancellor of the University of Ithra at Adiantum.

Gerek and Chimene contributed to the Great Book for the Twentieth Year Celebration (well received we think). Gerek and Chimene were co-editors of the Bi-Cranial Bear for all of three months. Then beginning with the July AS XXI (1986) issue (a little before July in reality because of the time lag) Chimene became Chronicler of An Tir and we became co-editors of the Crier with Gerek being her chief administrative deputy. Gerek received his Goutte at the September Crown he was autocratting September 3, AS XXIII (1988). This also marked their last issue of the Crier, and Chimene left office as Chronicler within a few months (and Gerek too). Gerek co-autocrated Egils Tourney the next year (AS XXIX (1989)) and founded the Ithrottir. That winter we organized the production of Adiantum's painted wall hangings.

We have been somewhat out of touch for several years... were just coming out of Chronicler "singe" (not as severe as burn-out) and local politics when real life interefered -- sudden moves, pregnancy, etc.

Gerek has taught classes in Runic, Scandinavian Archaeology, Norse Furniture, Chivalry and Etiquette, Intro. to the SCA, Survey of the Sciences, Norse Calligraphy and Illumination, Norse Arms and Armour, Marshalling, Norse Cultural Overview, misc. Heraldry classes and, with Chimene, Food History, and Norse Costume & Jewelry.

Gerekr fjársjándi Rögnvaldsson meistari, OP, OL, OJL, OGS, OLM, AA, OBB


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